Get Ready For An Impact Like Superman
With An Income Like Bruce Wayne?

  • Do you want to unlock your inner superhero and change the world?
  • Do you feel like a lack of steady cash flow is holding you back?
  • Do you want financial freedom and the space to grow your business to magnificence?
  • Do you feel like you're a superhero in your heart and mind but are you unsure how to share your abilities with the world?

Right now, if I told you that your limit was beyond the heavens, would you believe me? As Iron Man wisely said,

Take a moment to consider why you are here and what the legacy is that you want to leave behind. Because I'm about to rock the biosphere with life-changing intel that's been so hidden and so protected by a super select group of individuals for ages.

Here it is: Trust me, YOU HAVE GLORIOUS POTENTIAL AND PURPOSE just waiting for you.

Someone just needs to give you the passcode to unlock it (And shhh...I just happen to posses the super-secret passcode)!

Greatness was meant for you, and to help you get there, I am here today to share an electromagnetic secret electromagnetic secret, so blindingly powerful, you'll need gamma ray goggles!

Now, it's time to take the bat pole down to my Entrepreneur's Secret Lair, my friends...

I believe that YOU deserve the opportunity for entrance into this secret society and I’m here to welcome you to this into this glorious bat cave of knowledge today.

Once you enter my little underground sanctum of resources, skills, plans, and facts you will once and for all possess the key and power to reign supreme as the true SuperPreneur that you are inside.

You know you have the power inside. I’m here to help you solve the mystery of how to tap into that power.

You deserve to be that kind of spectacular entrepreneur.

And I’m here to guide you through a mysterious, murky, dark and dingy virtual alley way.

I will take you down the stone, cellar steps to enlightenment. Clink. Clink. Clink…

Yes, we’ll take the back door of peeking, blinding light… deep into my clandestine entrepreneurial lair…

And I will show you how, every step of the way to access the spectacular super hero capability you already possess inside. POW!

This is you inner superpreneur! Yes, I know that’s not exactly a word, but it gets the point across quite well. That’s right, you’re no longer going to just be an entrepreneur, you’ll be a SUPERpreneur with power to make changes so ATOMIC and so COSMIC that you’’ll be the one to the rescue.


I’m Amanda Goldman-Petri. You may know me as the founder of! I pride myself on being an internationally renowned “work smarter, not harder” SUPER online marketing coach for entrepreneurs who want to maximize profits while minimizing time and effort.

And I’m here to save the day, recruits! KAPOW!


The Lair was designed to give empowering knowledge to an exclusive group of entrepreneurs.

Select in the sense that you’re ready to put on your cape. To wield your trusty hammer.

To fling your batarangs left and right. To pull down your visor and to bring out your trusty shield.

To fly to Krypton with your business. You have a thirst for hunger and greatness. You’re Batman ready to reign over Gotham city.

I’m here to give mind blowing information comprised in an all-in-one easy to access tool kit [once you have obtained the superhero access code] of course. Just like that. BLAM! SHAZAM! And you’re on your way!

This is a treasured collection of insanely valuable resources, my friends, and I need to make sure that it’s truly given to the right superpreneurial candidates. Do you know inside that you are chosen and it is your time? Then let’s charge up your Arc Reactor and let’s get to down to business!

1). "The SuperPreneur's Toolkit" Monthly Trainings:

Each month, we’ll blast our way through a not-for-mere-mortals training, so you’ll never stop learning new moves to add to your arsenal of success! With a different topic (and homework assignment) every month, you will quickly take your business to the stratosphere! Keep reading for a list of some example top-secret trainings you’ll see in our secret lair.

2). Monthly "Biz Yoda" Group Q&A Coaching Sessions:

Each month, we’ll come together on a live group Q&A coaching call to brainstorm game plans for your monthly missions, answer your questions on course materials, and anything else to help you rocket toward your business and income goals! Together, we can break through obstacles and reach goals at the speed of sound… With You, Me, and The Force, you’re standing on a Fortune greater than Bruce Wayne ever could have imagined.

3). "The Iron Throne" Monthly Hot Seats:

Would 1-on-1 laser coaching help you defeat your business nemesis, sock it to your success barriers, and finally get you where you want to go, faster? You bet it would! Each month, I’ll pick 4 members to sit on the Iron Throne (figuratively, I promise – your favorite recliner is just fine) and get in-depth coaching to help them conquer their business goals!

4). Exclusive Admission To My Top Secret "INNERD CIRCLE" Facebook Group:

It’s like a Fortress of Solitude, but with the best party guests in the world! In this exclusive Facebook group, nestled in the distant shadows of the Interwebz, you’ll get to hang out with literally every Market Like A Nerd client. These are other superpreneurs, who you can trade tips with, form partnerships with, and together you can celebrate each other’s successes, obliterate each other’s villainous enemies, and much more. Not accessible (or safe for) the general public!

5). "Monday Bat Call" Weekly Accountability:

In said Facebook Group, we will start out each week by setting laser-focused goals and deciding which “Feat of the Week” we’re going to wrestle to the ground. Hey, you’re a superhero – no reason to be nervous about moving a few mountains here and there, right? You’ve got this! Oh, and we’ll check in on Fridays to celebrate successes and end the week with a super-hero fist-bump! We’ll be an awesome Batman and Robin duo for staying on track and getting stuff done!

6). "Newsflash Friday" Weekly Accountability:

Every Friday, in the group and also via email, you’ll get an update about what’s been going on in the group that week, and a check-in to make sure you’re getting the most value possible out of your membership. After all, the superpowers you get here aren’t going to do you any good if you’re not using them!

7). Monthly "SuperPreneur Spotlights":

Each month, I’ll spotlight one lucky member (and their business) for all to see! The Superhero of the Month will get to share a free gift or offer with my audience, and get plenty of serious exposure!

(It'll Probably Be YOUR Favorite Part Too)...

8). Unencrypted Access To Classified Trainings In Our "Secret Lair":

You’re going to get instant access to more than a DOZEN training courses, case-studies, done-for-you templates, and other “Weapons of Mass Construction” to help you build your business as quickly, profitably, and enjoyably as possible. I usually charge a big fistful of Galleons for these resources, but when you join the Entrepreneur’s Secret Lair today, you’re getting ALL of them for not one extra Knut!

Here’s just a few of the hidden treasures waiting for you inside:

Webinar Nerds (I’ve sold this for $3k a person!):

In this course, you’re going to discover how to CRUSH webinars like the Hulk crushes puny humans! Learn how to craft perfect webinar headlines, maximize attendance (the people who SHOW UP, not the people who just register), build slides that engage your audience, get viewers to buy, create follow-up campaigns to convert non-buyers, and TONS more! I’ll even include lots of “how-tos” on automation and tech stuff… and give you my done-for-you headline, landing page, email, and slide templates!

Video Nerds (I've previously sold this for $497):

You DON”T have to have Tony Stark’s bankroll to produce and get eyeballs on spectacular marketing videos! I’ll show you how to craft television-quality DIY video from your own home, launch your own Web TV show, Livestream video on Facebook, repurpose your video content, and make cash from your videos… all with a setup that won’t set you back!

Planning Like A Nerd:

Until now, only my $10K VIP Day clients have gotten their eyeballs on these templates! Get a treasure chest full of templates for marketing plans, visibility plans, content marketing planning, value plans, offer plans, and MUCH more! This baby will take 90% of the time and 100% of the guesswork out of planning for success, fame, and maybe even your own statue outside City Hall!

Branding Nerds:

I’ve only uncovered this for my $2K program clients in the past, but you’re getting access to them just minutes from now! In this training course, I’ll show you how to shine with your own unique brilliance and shape a marketing message that beckons your ideal clients… and how to ignite that message into a virtual firestorm that gets you seen online!

Copywriting That Converts:

Let’s face it… you’re going to need eyeball-grabbing copy to get people to attend your webinars, opt in to your lists, respond to your emails, and buy your products. But sitting down to write copy can feel like eating a big bowl of Kryptonite Krunch! In this training, though, I’m going to show you the easy way to get marketing copy that makes prospects get out their credit cards and JUMP on your offers (No English Degree required)!

And, although there are too many other treasures to go into detail here (or we’d be here all day), here are a handful of the other resources you’re getting inside the lair:

  • Follower Into Frenzy
  • Social Etiquette 101
  • Getting A+ Ciient Results
  • Work Smarter Content Creation
  • $120k in 90 Days Case Study
  • Getting Facebook Verified
  • Websites That Convert
  • Landing Pages That Convert
  • Facebook Advertising Nerds
  • Mindset Toolkit
  • Business Foundations
  • Getting to Inbox Zero
  • Millionaire Masterclass Recordings
  • Marketing Technology Telesummit Recordings
  • And MANY more!

Ready to Rock It in Your Business?

Becoming a Superpreneur is a Lofty Mission, so
What Makes Me Qualified to Advise You?

I’ve been faced with many obstacles in my life, but I’ve overcome. In spite of poverty, child abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, and near death, I was able to generate my first $10K month within 4 month at the age of only 22.

I then went on to create multiple 6+ figure business, expand to 19 different countries, and in my most recent launch, I generated a half-a-million dollars with no sales page, no webinar, no sales funnel, and no crazy launch strategy...all by the age of 26!

I am known for helping entrepreneurs generate big money quickly with my cash injection campaigns. In fact, in LESS THAN 60 days, those clients generated over $661,000.00 (that's almost a million dollars)!

I’ve also been featured on major media outlets such as Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Small Business Trendsetters, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Worth Magazine, International Business Times (and more) for unique and super marketing tactics. Recently, I’ve  been names one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Influencive. Are you ready? Let’s be titans together!

Just Call Me Professor Amanda!

If you want to discover how to inject your cash flow with a massive boost and grow your business, let’s team up! Think of me like Professor X. I’m a guiding mentor here to support you in any way that I can.

If you want to work less so you can lose the hustle, forget sacrifice, and create a financially-free life, then I’m your new, knowledgeable sidekick.

Ready for a life fit for a superhero? A life full of impact and freedom? If you feel like you’re straining your back rearranging and streamlining your business, remember that Superman moved the earth. You’ve got it in you, too.

I’m Not Tony Stark yet, Amanda. How Much Will
All of this Incredible Information Cost Me?

Only $25 per month! Think about this . I’m not offering you a train ticket to success. Forget the stops and delays. I’m offering you a lift in the bat mobile. Let’s take the fast track to success. If my program doesn’t suit your needs, no problem. You can cancel at any time.

There is NO TIME Like the Present to Take Action!

You know you’re a caped crusader who wants to take your business to the stars. Try it out my service today!

Sign up for the Entrepreneur’s Secret Lair today!

P.S. I know you’ve got what it takes. Hop into the batmobile and take my membership out for a spin.

P.P.S. I want nothing more than to see you fully engage into the undeniable Odin-esque force within you. Here’s my oath to you: By Odin’s beard, I strive to be reliable, reachable, and attentive. It’s my goal to be the most helpful and supportive coach available to you.

I’m about exceeding expectations and guiding you to the absolute best of my ability. Once we are working together, I’m committed to excellence and seeing you embrace your inner superhero skills. I call this my Excelsior Guarantee! You’ll never see me fall off the map because I’m too busy selling.

My Customers are my #1 focus and so is delivering superior customer service. As my Odin’s pledge to you, I guarantee this.

Sign up for the Entrepreneur’s Secret Lair today!